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Keep Real:

Mental Health Stories Podcast

In collaboration with Sound Rebel UK, 
Keep Real: Mental Health Stories launched in 2020.

From actors, therapists, writers and world record holders, each episode encourages
conversations about mental health.

Join over 1,000 people tuning in to our
award nominated podcast below!

Sophie Eggleton

Podcaster, First Aid for Mental Health Instructor and blogger Sophie shares her experiences and discusses self esteem and self worth with me on Episode 7.

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Sanchez Payne

Presenter at BBC Radio Bradford and owner of DBAEvents UK, Sanchez Payne discusses his journey into doing what he loves and his experiences of chasing his dreams. Join us on Episode 6.

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Josh Adams

Musician and guitarist of Liverpool band Venus Demilo, Josh Adams shares his experiences of health anxiety. Discussing its impact on life, work and what has helped him cope along the way on Episode 1.

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Jess Ellis

Actor and former Hollyoaks star Jess Ellis shares her journey into acting. From bar jobs to big roles, Jess shares her anxieties that follow her career path on Episode 3.

Dr Ed Lynch

Doctor and Co-founder of LYFE, Ed shares with us his experiences of working on the frontline during the COVID-19 health pandemic (Lockdown 1) in Episode 5

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Integrative Psychotherapist Erene joins me for a discussion about activism, navigating the pandemic and her journey as a therapy on Episode 10.

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Freddie Bennett

World Record Holder Freddie Bennett shares his journey of going alcohol free for better mental health. An inspiring story of overcoming his demons in Episode 2.


Fiona Thomas

Writer and author Fiona Thomas discusses her journey into writing her first book 'Depression in a Digital Age' and what inspired her to write her second in Episode 8.

Jenna Campbell

Co-founder of NRTH LASS, Jenna shares her journey of creating the print magazine and diving into the topic of what success truly means in the working world on Episode 9.

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Richie Swan

Personal Trainer Richie shares with me his personal experiences of starting his career as a PT and why mental and physical health both matter on Episode 4.

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