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Welcome to Keep Real

You've been waiting for us, and we're finally here! A fresh garment and goods movement inspiring better mental health in Yorkshire, England. Founded in the midst of 2014, our ethos of 'keeping it real' is something we're mega passionate about, which extends to promoting wellbeing inside and out.


With our first launch of products here at Keep Real, we curated a range of items that promote our down to earth ethos. Feel good inside and out, be kind to yourselves and others and approach the world with a 'real' attitude. This extends to us being as sustainable and ethical as possible. All our clothing items are sourced as ethical as possible, and we aim to reduce our impact on our surroundings with recyclable and biodegradable packaging. It aint real when it's not coming from a good place, are we right?!

We are also launching our 'REAL' blog which is going to have some reaaall sweet folk featured on there; from bloggers, musicians, artists to other real folk doing sweet things and raising awareness around mental health. There is also going to be 'How-To' videos on mindfulness, up cycling your clothes and all sorts of real flippin rad content.

We'd love for you to be part of our movement.

Now go get peeping at our collection and follow us on all our social media platforms @KeepRealUK

Much love y'all and finally... welcome to Keep Real.


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