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Keep Real Update!

It has been a beautifully busy last few months here at Keep Real, and what better way than to be spreading the message of better mental health!

Since the Keep Real show at Headrow House in July, it has seen Keep Real spread across Yorkshire in various events; from pop up stalls, seminars, guest spots and even a trip down to London.

It's only the beginning. And what a wonderful statement that is to type!

Recently, I was lucky enough to be part of the 'Children & Mental Health Seminar' at Leeds Museum with the almighty non-profit NIPS; who are a great and wonderful team of people going around the UK doing events to promote and raise awareness of mental health services and children's support.

There is a wide scope of support for children and young people, especially in Leeds. From The Marketplace, to Rethink Leeds, Place2be and more (see the NIPS website for more information on what is available here!).

From spreading the message of what Keep Real does in the community, it has been fantastic to run workshops around specific topics that people are facing. Last night it was the Keep Real 'Stress Management Workshop' which aimed at providing practical and insightful advice for students at the University of Leeds. From discussing what stress is, to providing 3 parts to the workshop- managing the physical stress to the emotional with relaxation techniques, our famous 'Real-ity Jars' and Mood Tracker/Time Management diaries.

Next up, is a trip down to London as a guest speaker at 'Teen Mental Health in an Online World' (tickets available here) and supporting Victoria Betton's book launch on the very topic! If you haven't already, get subscribing to Keep Real's email list to find out more about upcoming events, pop-ups and workshops.

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