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Noticing When You're Struggling

Sometimes, when we’re battling through or going about our every day activities, our struggles can slip under and go undetected.

* Please note, that this post discusses personal experiences of anxiety/depression.

So how do we know when we are struggling?

If you are struggling, please do reach out. Take a peep at the care lines available here. We also have a live chat available to signpost you to more support.

We all manage stress and situational factors differently, this is just part of our human make up. We are not all the same (and what a weirdly beautiful thing that is!). However, sometimes life is going a mile a minute, and it can feel like we can't seem to stop, taking a breath and noticing how we're feeling.

For me personally, I can plod along just fine; even feeling a sense of calm. But there is a point where my sense of level headedness will shift and I ask myself when I’ll feel that break in my brain. I’ve noticed more so than ever before, that I can neglect my little signs of stress by just well...keep on going when I need to slow down. Some days you gotta have an 'I am not having a good day, and that's ok' day. Other days it can be waking up with a mind cloaked in sadness, others with optimism for everything ahead. But I know things will be ok, and you have to sit with sadness too for it to pass through.

So how do you notice?

  • Feeling more tired than usual. Be aware during the winter months/ colder weather as you will feel more lethargic than usual. But if it’s been happening for more than a couple of weeks- take note. Be kind to yourself, get your 8 hours in and reach out.

  • Finding it hard to cope with everyday things. I being someone who has felt like that/ does feel like this time to time, can empathise 100% with this. Some days are so much harder than others. But if it’s affecting your work, tasks that are usually part of your routine that you don’t feel you can do (for example, taking a shower, making food for yourself, brushing your hair)- this is when you need to gently step back and be mindful of how you are doing.

  • Not wanting to do things you would normally enjoy. Are you taking time out to enjoy what you normally put your spare hours into? That could be just seeing your parents, going out to see friends or reading a book, playing music etc. It could be anything that you would normally never second guess as something you enjoy. However, if you’re finding that you are not enjoying what you used to, or feeling apathetic towards what you would normally enjoy- can be a sign that you are struggling.

  • Feeling like you don’t want to talk to anyone. I have had days like this, when on an average day I’ll be extremely outgoing and talking to people – then others where I don’t even want to talk to a loved one, or come into contact with any one at all. There are even days where I can’t even articulate how I feel. There are just no words, no language that can explain what’s going on in my head. This is when you need to see your behaviours as a sign that you’re having a bad day and, perhaps not coping so well.

Just know, that you are always supported. Please do reach out...which is the hardest step to push yourself up to sometimes.

Have a wonderful day, you. You have so many days that are ahead that will fill you up with such joy, just hang in there. There are places you haven't seen yet, people you haven't met, food you haven't tasted and love you haven't experienced yet.

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