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Event: The Success Monologues

Hi folks! So the time is near, where I will be on the panel for 'The Success Monologues' at Duke Studios, Leeds! This Wednesday at 6pm (Grab your tickets here)

The Success Monologues brings together a group of brilliant women to speak about their limiting self-beliefs, the memories that made them, and how they've redefined what it means to ‘be a success'.

Inspired by new Pan Macmillan novel, The Charmed Life of Alex Moore by Molly Flatt, it will be an inspiring evening of stories, advice and evolving your true self in an ever pressurized world!

Panel includes:

Lucy Sheridan - The world’s first and only Comparison Coach, Lucy is a Hay House author and life coach who specialises in helping her clients come to grips and deal with the compare and despair cycle, symptomatic of heightened social media use.

Lou Kirby - Blogger, Instagrammer and Founder of Women Ready - an online community to help inspire, support and empower us to be the women we want to be, while also talking about the issues that face women today.

Kimberley Robinson - Mental Health Activist, visual artist and founder of Keep Real - a social enterprise supporting better mental health in all communities.

Natasha Sayce-Zelem - Head of Technology for Digital Service at Sky and Founder of Empowering Women with Tech, Nastasha has many strings to her bow and has been instrumental in opening up the opportunities for women in Leeds and nationally, so that they can carve out succesful careers in digital, technology and science fields.

Laura Wellington - Designer and entrepreneur, Laura Wellington is the woman behind one of Habitat's most iconic designs of the past 50 years. Co-Founder of creative hub Duke Studios and The Big Disco, Laura has been at the heart of numerous initiatives re-shaping and evolving the design and culture of Leeds.

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