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From Yorkshire To London

If you've been following the Keep Real journey since it's official online launch last year, you'll know it's been an expedition of events, workshops, talks- and an emphasis on our 'Keeping it Real' message for mental health.

Our founder Kimberley had the opportunity to spread our message at the book launch of Victoria Betton & James Woollard 'Teen Mental Health in an Online World' (Preview and purchase here) down at DRIVE, which is part of Great Osmond Street Hospital in Russell Square, London.

Not only are we seeing the next generation grow up in an online world that entwines with the offline- it's the first time we have ever seen it. We're the first people to be in a world where teenagers have never not known the world of the internet. So how can we support young people and teens with this in relation to their mental health?


Supporting this launch was such a humbling experience, and to talk to teens who are actually using technology differently and positively amidst the moral panic surrounding the use of it. Especially with apps such as 'Calm Harm' reducing anxiety and self harm in teens, and Cypher giving people the opportunity to discuss how they feel anonymously. As a quote from 'Teen Mental Health...' from one of their young people, "Social media is a supplement, not a replacement." We need to allow young people and teens to explore the online world safely and without judgement. Because they're actually more savvy than we perceive...

It is so refreshing to see and be part of a greater understanding into youth mental health and how here in Yorkshire, Keep Real can support the community digitally through the blog, desktop live chat and most importantly our events/workshops. So what's next for Keep Real? We'll be going into the University of Leeds to support students with our stress management workshops, which are a vital part of additional support that Keep Real can provide when it comes to wellbeing. Not only do we give students tools and materials to take away, we start the conversations of mental health in an open and safe space. Looking for a workshop or event to attend? Or are you thinking of hosting one, and would like Keep Real to be part of it? Contact us.



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