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Keep Real Workshops

Our mental health workshops are perfect for exploring creative ways of managing stress, building resilience, raising self awareness and more! Last year saw Keep Real take part and facilitate over 15 events across South and West Yorkshire, from our live music show for mental health to closed coffee shop discussions on wellbeing.

Keep Real's most requested workshop of the year, revolves around stress management. From 45 minute taster sessions, to full day workshops that delve into four of our objectives. Using sensory methods, mindfulness, creative self awareness and education to discovering resources for each participant. It's important to be all inclusive, and literally keep it real for better mental health.

For a lot of our participants, education of mental health is vital. Knowing first and foremost what 'Anxiety' and 'Stress' are and how they personally relate to each one, is a key to understanding themselves, knowing how they can manage their feelings and thoughts.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us here!

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