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Guest Artist: Meg Swan

Nature. Colour. Character. The first words that slipped out when I asked what is the core of Leeds based Illustrator Meg Swan's work. We greeted each other warmly, hugging and chatting away while sitting down in the beautiful, nature inspired Cafe 164 at Munro House, Leeds. The perfect scene to intertwine our bond over nature, good drinks, mental health and art.

Hailing from the green pastures of Somerset, Meg spends her time in Leeds illustrating away with her warm colour palettes, textures and tones. This seeps through into her personal style, a blend of earthy fabrics which I absolutely love and admire. Her work, style and personality is a collective of warm, down to earth vibes; which makes Meg the exemplary addition to the Keep Going campaign.

Previously enrolled into one of the very few prestigious art schools in the UK, Leeds Arts University - Meg delves into the realm of applied illustration. "I want to enliven spaces. Making a difference with my work is so important to me, it helps me to understand people and how I can support them with what I create." Meg is known for her muted tones and colour palettes at her private space Swanny Studio. Having just graduated, her future looks promising as she envelopes nature into her profound ability to connect with people, and the spaces we surround ourselves with.

Meg encompasses what Keep Real is all about. Staying true to yourself, staying grounded and literally keeping it real. It shows as she tells me more about her work; a refreshing response to the world around us.

"I'm honoured to be part of the brand and it's community. It's such a lovely idea to look at mental health from a different perspective. I wanted to push my boundaries in my work to create change- and that's exactly what Keep Real is doing."

Meg is a story teller, illustrator, surface designer and above all...good natured. Behind the designs, Meg enclosed that she had previously experienced mental health issues, and welcomes the fact that she has been in therapy as a substantial way to support her throughout her personal struggles.

Finding support throughout her studies, the University gave her access to support faster - being more efficient than services outside of an educational setting. As we discussed University mental health care "There are more students, and people in general that are struggling more than you think."- a statement I completely agree with. A statement, which specifies the summer campaign for all to keep going.

To know more about Meg, please see her website and socials .



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