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How To Use Your Notebook

So, you just purchased one of our limited edition notebooks? Sweet! You’ll be happy to know, that your notebook is sustainably sourced and is completely 100% yours to do with it what you will.

That’s a whole lotta freedom to be given! Since we’re all about promoting mental health and how to keep it real; we have some lil’ tips on how you can use your notebook to the best of its abilities. We gave you a bit more freedom by giving you the option to either select ruled or plain- you may have even purchased both to get super creative!

  1. Journalling: It’s a fact that writing down your thoughts or even scribbling down 5 things that went well in your day can be a real rad way of feeling good. Sometimes we find it hard to process our thoughts/feelings- and writing them down can help get your head in a good place. Bullet point it, mind map it, or note down key words.

  2. Give it a specific purpose: We know you’re excited to use it and write down every single thing in it- but perhaps it’s best to stick with one purpose. It could be to jot down your thoughts/ events each day, artwork ideas and sketches, notes on advice or compliments people give you throughout your use of the notebook, quotes you want to remember, a to-do list book- anything! Keeping absolutely everything in one place can be a little frustrating and all over the place. Select it’s purpose and stick with it.

  3. What do I do with it when I’m done? You’ll be pleased to know that it’s completely recyclable. If it has information on it you don’t wish for others to see, shred it/rip it up safely and pop it into your recycling bin for paper. Make sure you take out the staples holding it together which can also be placed in recycling for metal/cans.

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