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Real People: Kat Lowe

As part of our 'Real People' series, we sat down with photographer Kat Lowe. We're proud to introduce Kat, as we welcome her into the Keep Real community! Kat has worked with us on our new site launch, including all our wonderful promotional shots!


Hey Kat! Please introduce yourself.

I'm Kat! I've been an avid photographer for just over 3 years now, working on all sorts of exciting campaigns...including Keep Real's re-launch!

What positively supports your mental health? 

Being mindful, trying to bring myself back to the current point in time and what is happening right now. In addition, building a great support network around me where I can feel like I can openly discuss my thoughts and feelings. 

If there is a statement you would like to make about mental health in the current climate, what would it be and why? 

It is so easy to compare ourselves to everyone around us, judging our own accomplishments against those we don't really know on social media. Take a step back and focus on you. 

What do you like most about Keep Real? 

Is it cheesy to say that they 'keep it real'? I love that it is genuine people who want to help others and contribute something great to society. 

Where can we find you online to check out your work and know more about what you do?

You can find me here! >


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