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Keep Warm this Winter

When I was at school, I absolutely despised wearing a coat. Big chunky things that I felt were unnecessary and much preferred to shiver away with multiple thin layers. But I do remember my favourite coat (It was an airwalk parka that fit with my 'mosher' aesthetic and checkered Vans backpack).

Now, when I look at the Keep Real store I still have that person in mind. That person who just wants something a little extra to their outfit, something versatile that goes with most, if not all, their outfits. More so than ever, I buy pieces I know I can wear with a variety of the garments in my wardrobe.

We curated our new collection with this in mind. Longsleeves to wear underneath tees, to layer up with denim shirts or plaid. Neutral tones to a pop of colour with our dusky yellow t-shirts. We have just brought back our mustard colour beanies for the winter months ahead. They sold out quick when we launched them earlier this year, and I am so chuffed they are in the store!

We brought back some favourites with new designs, such as our heavyweight recycled cotton chrysanthemum tote bags and our mustard beanies.

Are you wrapped up this winter?


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