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INTRODUCING: Real People, A Series.

Hi folks, it's Kim here.

I want to firstly say a huge thank you for supporting Keep Real. Our relaunch has been absolutely incredible, and to see so many people sharing our work and spreading our message through our brand blows me away.

I want to personally introduce to you our Real People, Real Stories Series which will go live every Tuesday (our first article out tomorrow!). Since our launch, we interviewed a number of people such as My Discombobulated Brain as well Leeds based illustrator Meg Swan while we were busy doing events and workshops around Yorkshire. Now we are launching a series of blogs and real stories that will encourage conversations and help folk reach out for support.

The more we talk openly about our mental health, the less stigma we feel...and overall, we will feel that little bit better in knowing we're not alone.

Some of the stories and articles we will be putting out may contain some sensitive topics around mental health, so please do note any trigger warnings that may crop up before reading certain posts. The Real People series is all about sharing coping mechanisms that have worked for us, stories from folk who want to share their experiences to help others, all the way to sharing other news from incredible organisations that are leading the way for social change.

Welcome to 'Real People, Real Stories' which will happen every Tuesday. We hope you feel supported and connected through our work as we literally 'keep real' for mental health!

Kim x

Photograph by Kat Lowe

Want to submit your story to inspire others? Email us at


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